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Partenza il 27-28-29-30-31 LUGLIO 01-02-03 AGOSTO 2022 da TREDOZIO (FC)


Hello XT driver
This is initially just a SAVE THE DATE.
A detailed invitation with the registration formalities will follow later in the year.
Now it's just about being able to plan your summer vacation 2022.
The campsite is located on the Tuscany-Romagna border on rolling hills and beautiful dirt roads.
the campsite, which is motorcycle-friendly, also includes a swimming pool and is about an hour's drive from the Adriatic Sea, and likewise from Florence.

So ... submit your vacation:

For those who want to book at the campsite, this is the campsite link CAMPING SITE , this is the booking E-MAIL and enter the 10% discount code for our meeting. Code = INT2022XT500

Unfortunately we are not very international, write in English if possible to: info@le-volte.it

There is also this option of sleeping in a hostel, room for 4 people with shared bathroom at the price of 18 € per night per person minus a 10% discount

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